Thursday at 10:00 A.M. (all-day training)

Data Driven Attribution in practise

Language: English | Newton College, Map | Room 9, 4th floor

€270,00 (without VAT)

Milan Merglevský & Marek Kobulský


Milan and Marek manage e-commerce investments and educate teams in well over 20 projects. Together they’re also the founders and leaders of, an educational portal that explains the issue of data-driven management of marketing investments to the general public. They’re successful in their efforts, in no small part thanks to the various analytics tools they develop and offer for free.

Why attend?


You will gain an unlimited access into our Data-Driven Attribution tool (Markov model, currently in beta)


You’ll leave with a simple Google Sheets framework that will enable you to manage marketing investment using a series of attribution models


You’ll gain invaluable insight from managers who have plenty of experience with managing investment via attribution modelling


You’ll learn what attribution really is, when you should use it, when to avoid it and its practical uses – thanks to a wide range of real-world experiments and their results


You’ll receive an unlimited access into a beta version of our evaluation tool that uses a causal impact model and is capable of calculating incrementality on GA data. We will also teach you how to work with the tool as a part of this workshop.


You’ll get an overview of the attribution models and tools in use today, including advanced data-driven algorithms. Armed with the knowledge from our workshop, you’ll be able to deal with the issue of attribution for years to come.

What will you learn?

During this workshop you’ll learn how to understand the philosophy behind practical attribution modelling in marketing. You’ll get to know all the models out there, their mathematical background and thanks to a selection of well-documented practical applications, you’ll also gain precious insight into how to make your work more effective using our DDA application. We will provide free access to a beta version of the tool as a part of this workshop.

Necessary skills & knowledge

Basic knowledge of Google Analytics / Sheets, basic awareness of the various traffic channels in the digital world (PPC, SEO etc.) and a general idea of how e-commerce projects function.

This session is aimed at e-commerce professionals who want to understand attribution modelling on a deeper level and use this knowledge to substantially advance their workflow. You may also attend simply if you wish to get a basic overview of advanced mathematical modelling from a beginner’s point of view.

Suitable for: CMOs, CEOs, Marketing managers, Web analysts and everyone working in the field of e-commerce investments

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