Thursday at 10:00 A.M. (all-day training)

Copywriting Done Right

Language: English | Newton College, Map | Room 6, 7th floor

€230,00 (without VAT)

Ryan Wallman

Associate Creative Director | Wellmark

Ryan’s Twitter account is an endless stream of amusing jabs at creative nonsense and convoluted copywriting. We are incredibly glad that he’s coming to Prague with a workshop that will help you write copy that’s both loud and clear. Disclaimer – a few well‑intentioned swear words may occur.

Why attend?


Learn the essential elements of good English copywriting


Learn how to set the tone without having to resort to guesswork


You’ll have an opportunity to have examples of your own copy evaluated by Ryan

What will you learn?

Examples of truly great copywriting are becoming increasingly rare these days and that’s why we’re flying in Wallmark’s Associate Creative Director Ryan Wallman all the way from Melbourne. Ryan has prepared an exhaustive workshop that will teach you the principles, techniques and benefits of writing truly outstanding English copy. If you want to significantly amp up your game, this one is a must.

Necessary skills & knowledge

Please come to the workshop with an example of copywriting from your company or industry in English (e.g. a brochure, advertisement, website copy). Also, the following short articles will help prepare you for many of the topics that will arise during the workshop.

Tom Albrighton – How to write engagingly
Drayton Bird – 7 copywriting sins that strangle sales
Alastaire Allday – Make it memorable

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