Thursday at 2:00 P.M.

Lesser-known PPC platforms with focus on Twitter and Quora

Language: English | VŠEM, Map | Room 301, 3rd floor

€60,00 (without VAT)

Michal Pecánek

Marketing Manager | CDN77

Michal started in marketing as an SEO specialist but has grown into a generalist over time. He still loves SEO the most but you can also find him crafting killer email campaigns, blog posts or playing around with FB Business Manager.

He currently works as Marketing Manager for CDN77, one of the major global CDN providers with customers from more than 100 countries. Being on a global market provides endless marketing opportunities and Michal enjoys trying all the lesser-known tactics and tools.

Why attend?


Expand your visibility beyond Google Ads and FB. There are many low-hanging fruit opportunities on other global and local platforms


Get the most out of Quora Ads. Michal has been using the platform since its launch and he'll share all the tips that he learnt on the way to 25k clicks


Learn the best practices for organic Quora which could be boosted through PPC and vice versa


Want to target specific people or accounts? You can do this and much more with Twitter Ads - learn how


Broaden your market research toolset. You'll get hands-on tips applicable to Quora, Twitter but also elsewhere


Chance to discuss other platforms such as LinkedIn, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Baidu or review sites advertising platforms

What will you learn?

Michal will show you everything you need to know to launch successful campaigns on Quora and Twitter. Learn everything from campaign management to choosing the best (re)targeting options and creating a killer ad. This knowledge and research methods could also be applied to boost your existing channels.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to broaden their PPC knowledge. You'll learn something new even if you're already using one of the platforms. Ideal for marketers from international / global businesses but the knowledge is also applicable to local markets.

Necessary skills & knowledge

At least a basic knowledge of any PPC platform is recommended.

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