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I have a mobile app. And now what?!

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Martin Jelinek

Marketing Analyst | AppAgent

Martin works as a Marketing Analyst at AppAgent, the awarded mobile marketing agency helping global clients to grow their user base and revenues.

His focus is on strategy and data. At AppAgent, Martin designed and manages the development of an internal marketing analytics tool called ROY.

Prior to joining AppAgent, Martin was a co-founder of BeerDeer Games, where he developed his dream RPG for PC, Mac and mobile called Nyrthos. He’s a graduate of the University of Economics in Prague.

Why attend?


In 3 hours, you will gain a decade of knowledge about marketing apps such as Viber or


You'll get a proven step-by-step guide on how to launch a mobile app and how to avoid the most common pitfalls


Understanding mobile attribution and measuring acquisition campaigns will help you avoid poor digital agencies that don’t give a **** about mobile


You will learn what your media mix should be at different stages of the app lifecycle to get the most for your buck

What will you learn?

Blood, sweat and tears is when you finally have your mobile app ready for the launch. Well, not really. The hard part is yet to come: with 1300 new apps every day, your chances to get a little traction are close to 0 if you don't know how to acquire users profitably.

You will learn why famous Dave McClure's pirate metrics (AARRR) don't make sense in mobile, why is mobile user acquisition fundamentally different than desktop (hint: attribution) and how to build your mobile marketing strategy step-by-step.

Necessary skills & knowledge

Advanced digital marketers or entry-level mobile marketers who understand what a funnel, CTR, ROI, conversion optimization and these terms mean. You are familiar with mobile basics such what is iOS & Android, how the app stores work or what is an in-app purchase.

The workshop is the best for CMOs, Mobile Product Managers and User Acquisition Managers who are responsible for a mobile product and growth. Such a mobile app should be an integral part of the business where investment into marketing makes clear sense.

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