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Connecting Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Google Data Studio for Fun and Profit

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Jono Alderson


He is a globally recognised expert in digital strategy, SEO, analytics, WordPress, speed, martech, conversion rate optimisation, growth and more. He is equally comfortable with defining the ‘big picture’ and strategic direction, as I am with getting my hands dirty in the nitty-gritty technical detail. Businesses engage with him to improve their platforms, acquire more customers, and prepare for the future.

Proč jít na školení?


Make better business decisions by making sure your tracking is accurate, comprehensive, and actionable


Improve how you collect data, manage privacy, and integrate different tools and data sources


Start from installing tracking pixels, and work all the way up to creating sophisticated business dashboards in a single workshop


Develop a competitive advantage from having a better understanding of your visitors and their behaviour.

Co se naučíte?

From start to finish, Jono will guide you through everything you need to know about configuring and connecting GA, GTM and GDS to level-up how you use data in your organisation. You'll start by crafting a water-tight Google Analytics setup, move on to construct a best-in-breed Google Tag Manager container, and finish by using all of that delicious data to build compelling, actionable reports.

We'll go beyond the basics, into how you can manage user privacy preferences, merge data sources, debug bad data, and grow your business.

Potřebné znalosti

You'll get more out of this if you already have a Google Analytics account and Google Tag Manager set up and ready to work with. Basic knowledge of analytics, tracking, data collection and reporting will be an advantage. Huge bonus points and access to advanced tricks if you have a working knowledge of JavaScript.

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