Friday 22th March at 14:55

How to Be Creative When Nobody Wants You To

When managing marketing campaigns, one of the most important factors is a strong, compelling idea. More often than not, these can be the most original, most unique and consequently most daunting. In a world where creativity is key, how can we encourage those around us to put their fears and objections to one side and embrace the potential of bravery?

Kirsty Hulse

Kirsty Hulse

CEO | ManyMinds

Kirsty Hulse is an SEO, content and PR expert with over a decade of experience defining search strategies for some of the world’s leading brands. As the Founder and Managing Director of successful SEO agency Manyminds, she has worked with household global brands such as Virgin Atlantic, Claire’s and IBM. She has recently began to invest her time in running confidence workshops to help support increased diversity in the workplace and creativity workshops to empower individuals and brands to be bolder with their marketing.

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