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Hands-on Website Optimization

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Michal Pařízek

Head od Product | Rohlik.cz

Michal has over 10 years of experience in web optimization, UX and analytics. When he was 27, he moved to Amsterdam, joined UPC’s European HQ and has been responsible for their CRO strategy in 11 markets. After coming back to Prague, he has contributed to the rapid growth of Avast which resulted in a successful IPO. Currently, he is Head of Product at Rohlik.cz – Czech Republic’s most ambitious online grocery store.

Proč jít na školení?


It's NOT enough having a lot of quality traffic. You also need to have great website to get great results


In this hands-on training, you’ll learn how to approach website optimization and learn the 3-step process: research -> prioritization -> business verification


The best ideas often come from your own research. We will dig deeper in the most useful techniques


One of the most crucial steps is prioritization. You need to spend time on ideas with the biggest business potential (which won’t require 200 MDs of IT resources)


Last, not least, learn how to effectively verify the idea with real users. A/B testing is becoming a common method, yet many people do elementary mistakes there


10+ years of Michal’s experience in a 3 hour intensive training

Co se naučíte?

Michal will walk you through the whole process of website optimization. How to generate and store improvement ideas. He'll show you the most useful qualitative and quantitative research techniques. How to prioritize those ideas, predict the business impact and build an optimization roadmap. And how not to do the same A/B testing mistakes again and again.

Potřebné znalosti

It helps if you already know the basics of Conversion Rate Optimization, Google Analytics (or other web analytics tool), MS Excel / Google Sheets, A/B testing, UX and product design.

I’d say that your motivation to use those skills in your everyday job is more important than what the current skills level is. This training is for everyone whose goal is to improve websites in terms of business goals. Although the training description focuses on website optimization, many of the techniques are applicable also for mobile apps.

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